Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders in Texas often called Temporary Restraining Orders.  It means that they typically expire by operation of law after two weeks.  People may often confuse a restraining order with a protective order.  Protective orders are usually much more severe than a restraining order.

Restraining orders are usually mutual, meaning they apply to both parties the same.  Restraining orders often restrain or prohibit, the individuals from doing things like removing their children from school, running off and hiding with their children, hiding money, or selling off their assets.

Restraining Orders in Texas

There Are Three Types of Restraining Orders in Texas

The three types of orders: temporary restraining order, temporary injunction, and permanent injunction.

  1. Temporary Restraining Order: It can last for up to 14 days and is issued by a judge.  It can be enforced via contempt of court which is a civil lawsuit.  Furthermore, it is not mandatory to provide notice to the opposing party, but it is recommended.
  2. Temporary Injunction: a temporary injunction can last until the final order is made by the court. Also, it is issued by an associate judge or judge. Moreover, it is mandatory to provide a hearing notice. In regards to enforcement, it is via a civil lawsuit.
  3. Permanent Injunction: the criteria and requirements for this are the same as a temporary injunction.

If you are served with a restraining order, it is best to legal assistance so you understand precisely what you can and cannot do.  You should find out exactly how long the restraining order lasts – how long you will have to comply with it.Temporary Restraining Order

If you need to file for one of the restraining orders above, you will have to file the appropriate paperwork.  You can research your state statutes here.

Need Assistance With Temporary Restraining Orders in Texas?

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