Child’s Name Change in Texas

There are many different aspects to changing a child’s name in Texas.  Furthermore, the process may be a bit more difficult if you do not have approval from the other parent. When possible, it is always best to ask for permission from the other parent.  To learn more about name change in Texas and statutes on name change, check out this document.

Name Change

Can Mothers Change the Child’s Name Without the Father’s Consent?

Unfortunately, if a father is absent or it is difficult to get in touch with him for approval the mother can move forward with a name change of the child.  In this case, it would be possible to change the child’s name without the father’s consent.  When the father has not consented, the mother would have to request the name change by Deed Poll or a court order.

Can Fathers Change the Child’s Name Without the Mother’s Consent?

Like the mother a father can request a name change within the family law courts when the mother does not consent.  It is always best when both parent can agree to the name change, but Dads can seek this change even if the mother doesn’t agree.

Get a Clear Understanding of the Process to Change Your Child’s Name

The process of changing your child’s name itself is not difficult, however, you must follow the proper steps for approval.

  1. Consult the child’s mother for approval
  2. You will have to request the name change in the same court where you were divorced in your county.   Furthermore, fill out the paperwork required for a name change with the county clerk.  Both parents will need to sign the paperwork.  In addition, you will have to state the reason why you are requesting a name change. Also, you will have to provide other important information about your child.
  3. Once you have filed the paperwork, the court will assign a court date.  If the court determines that the name change is in the best interest of the child, it will get approved.Name Change in Texas
  4. If the order is approved, the court will complete the order.
  5. Once you have a completed name change order, you will need to mail it to the state’s bureau of vital statistics.  This will change the child’s birth certificate to reflect the new name.
  6. Also, do not forget to take the order to your local social security administration to update their records and request a new card.

If you can prove how the name change will benefit the child, your chances of getting approved will increase.  The court will want to know what advantages the child will have the name change.  The child’s best interest must always be considered when making decisions that will impact the child.

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