Child Support Enforcement

It is possible that you have fallen behind on child support payments due to uncontrollable life events.  It is essential to have a clear understanding of how child support enforcement in Texas works.  Contact Fathers Rights for more assistance with child support enforcement in Texas.Child Support Enforcement

How is Child Support Established in Texas?

In Texas, usually, the non-custodial parent makes payments to the custodial parent.  It means that the parent that has primary custody of the children (custodial parent) is paid child support by the parent that doesn’t have custody. Also, to enforce a child support obligation, you must have an official order by the court. If you only have an informal agreement with your spouse regarding child support payments, it is best to formalize the agreement.  This way there is a clear understanding between both parents.

A Family Court Can Enforce Child Support

If the non-custodial parent fails to make child support payments, then the custodial parent can file an enforcement action.  It means that the court will take action to get the parent to make payments.  You may find this handbook from the attorney general useful regarding child support payments.

What is the Process for Texas to Collect Overdue Child Support Payments?Child Support

Texas courts and the Child Support Division of Attorney General’s Office can take various measures to ensure that child support for the child is provided. The Attorney General’s Office collects the child support payments and when the parent moves out of state can work with other states to collect child support. Furthermore, they can file liens against property or real estate. Also, they can suspend driver’s licenses, certificates, and professional licenses. Also, they have the right to withhold wages.  Furthermore, they can collect payment directly from employer payments, if necessary.

It is Essential to Take Child Support Payments Seriously

It is important to realize that not paying child support in Texas will come with consequences.   Your situation may have changed from the time the support order was initially put in place.  If that is the case, then you should seek legal assistance to understand how to modify the child support order.  The court may approve the changes based on your new situation.

If you are having issues with child support or need to change the amount of child support Father 4 Equal Rights can help.  Call or text us today before it costs you more.

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