Fathers Respond to Parental Alienation

Parental AlienationFathers often suffer from Parental Alienation that is a result of the mother bombarding the child with negative images and words about their father.  This results in a loss of the child-father relationship and is a form of psychological child abuse.  Fathers in the Dallas Fort Worth area have state that this is a painful situation for them and their child.

How Can Fathers Respond

When you realize that your child is being programmed to hate you it is an emotional difficulty situation.  Human nature says, get even – take advantage of every opportunity to reverse the picture, and let your child know how crafty and calculating the mother really is.  The problem with this solution is that it is no solution at all.  In fact, it only compounds the problem.  Children do not understand their parents making villains of each other.

Clearly the solution is to take the higher road and self-imposed a rule to never, in the presence of your children say anything bad or negative about the mother.   Perhaps the best solution is to keep showing up for your child.  Children should never be hockey-pucks in a stand-off between two embittered parents.  Child should never be asked to take sides to gain psychological child abusethe approval of a parent.

When fathers spend time with their child the child will experience the character of the father for themselves.  When this positive and loving interaction is experienced to lessen the impact of words spoken by the mother.  Overtime the child’s interaction with you will allow the child to make up their own mind about you.  In fact, it can as the child grows it can result in the child having negative feels for the mother because of her behavior.

Psychological Abuse of the Child

If the alienation get work or is severely effecting your child you may need to take legal action.  Finally if necessary, you may need to start documenting the alienation so that you can ask the court intervention.  Start a diary incidence that you believe when the parent alienation took place.  Take pictures of you and your child having fun to together.  Keep texts or emails from the mother that was negative.  It is also important that most mothers have their child's behavior at heart and be unaware of the impact of their alienating actions.  Here is a quick YouTube video "Finding Proof of Parental Alienation" that will help you to understand how to document parental alienation.

Act Now

Don’t let the mother action or words be an excuse for you to not spend time with you child.  It may be difficult at first to keep silent and/or pleasant when the mother is bad-mouthing you.  But your child needs to spend time with you to understand what they are being told is not the truth.

If you need help seeing your child, contact us.  Don’t let another day go by without being in your child’s life.

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