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The Fathers Rights movement gain popularity in the 1960 and 1970s spurring groups across the nation and around the world to provide fathers educational materials, support, and advocacy. Historically, during a divorce, custody of the children was automatically given to the mother.  The dad was simply supposed to pay child support. 

Today, modern Fathers Rights programs are generally focused on assistance related to shared parenting. These groups continue to provide support and public awareness to the issues facing fathers and their children after separation or divorce.

Fathers Rights programs have been in existence in various states Iowa, New Jersey, to Colorado. In Texas, Fathers Rights programs have operated in one capacity or another for over 40 years.

Some Fathers Rights are non-profit organizations. Other are programs are offered by a large non-profit organization that has complementary services for additional assistance. There is no hard rule on who offers these programs but all have a similar mission; put simply to help dads maintain a relationship with their children.

Unquestionably, for years Fathers Rights programs have been fighting to help dads keep a loving relationship with their children.  Fathers Rights has been working hard to assist fathers, in Texas, with fair access to their children.

If you’re a dad who needs help.  Contact us!  Let us help you the way we’ve helped thousands of other dads.

Fathers Rights in Texas, Know Your Rights

It is important that fathers in Texas, who are in a legal custody battle, know their rights.  The state of Texas gives many rights to fathers.  Nonetheless, It is critical to be aware of what your rights are and how to take advantage of your fathers rights.

Fathers For Equal Rights

Either parent may be the custodial parent and have the child live with them, regardless of gender. It is important to know and understand your rights.  Absolutely don’t let the system may take advantage of you because you didn’t know your fathers rights.  Consulting with a fathers rights organization or a knowledgeable fathers rights attorney in Texas can benefit you.  They can explain how the system works and what you need to know.  In addition, they can explain how to use the system in your favor.

Fathers Rights Initiative has been helping fathers with matters involving child custody, child visitation, child support, and divorce for over 40 years.  They are knowledgeable and have helped thousands of fathers see their children.

Child custody is complex. It should be noted that well-prepared fathers that know the state laws and statutes are the best prepared for their cases.

You can research Texas statutes on this website.  Child visitation can go a lot smoother if you know how to set up the proper parenting plan and schedule.  Fathers Rights Initiative can refer you to additional legal resources to help.

Furthermore, it is critically important to stay on top of child support laws and how they may impact you directly.   Father Rights Initiative can assist with all matters that are associated with divorce in Texas.

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