Many Fathers are facing unemployment or reduces wages due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many non-custodial parents have found themselves either with reduced hours, laid off or completely unemployed. They are facing getting behind on child support.

These employment changes are due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, the parent’s child support obligation does not stop just because their employment has ceased.

For the week of March 15, 2020 thru March 21, 2020 an additional 3 million Americans filed for unemployment.  This is a record number. Experts say the current economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may have long-term effects on employment. There is no indicate of when Americans will return to work.

So What Can I Do to Not Get Behind on Child Support?

If your employment displacement is a long-term situation you may want to consider having your court ordered child support adjusted to be based on your new income level.  Even if the other parent is considerate and willing to accept less during this time it does not end your responsibility for the full payment and you can quickly find yourself getting behind.  It takes a court order to make any change official.  

Your child support may need to be adjusted if your income has significantly changed.

Many non-custodial parents go to the Office Attorney General to let them know of their employment status, but again just letting the Attorney General know is not enough to reduce your child support obligation.  Remember the Attorney General does not represent you or your co-parent. The Attorney General represents the interest of the State of Texas. Therefore they may not be willing or have the resources to go to court to reduce your child support because of the change in your financial position.  In fact, oftentimes they will tell the non-custodial parent to seek legal help.

How Can I Get Reduction?

The first step is to determine if your change in income is enough to request review and reduction of your court-ordered child support. If it is then you can petition the court to consider the requested reduction in your obligation. 

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